AEM6.2 with SP1 Package not installing



Hi All,

I am using AEM 6.2 with SP1, using below profile to build and deploy project in 6.2

mvn clean install -P autoInstallPackage

Throwing below error

Request failed: org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.packaging.PackageException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: folder handler did not accept

CQ is running properly, when i am running mvn clean install that time all bundles and packages build successfully.

Whil installing the packages manually getting below error

Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: folder handler did not accept /apps/testproject/components/content/general/rich-text/authoring/clientlibs/richtext/js/richtext.js

Please help me on this.I am using maven version 3.3.1, java version 1.8.0_121

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Pradeep,

Please refer release notes of AEM 6.2 SP1 at [0]. Note that you require Hotfix 12785 version 7.0​ for AEM SP1 to install.

Installing Hotfix 12785 will result in high CPU utilization, Adobe recommends restarting the instance to free up system resources before installing AEM 6.2 SP1. Do not restart the AEM instance immediately after the dialog prompts you to restart it after the hotfix is installed. Wait untill the error.log to stabilize and the following entry to appear in the file, which confirm a successful installation:

*INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] Uninstalled bundle updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785 from resource TaskResource(url=jcrinstall:/libs/system/cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785-7.0/install/1/updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785-1.0.0.jar, entity=bundle:updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785, state=UNINSTALL, attributes=[Bundle-SymbolicName=updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785, Bundle-Version=1.0,])



[0]: 6.2 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

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