AEM Vault RCP curl command gettign the Path Not FOund Exception



Hi All , 


we are using Data Store as Azure Blobs and succfully uploaded  all assets(  .  we are moving/rcp  same assets to anoher environement   usign the Vault service bundle (


while running the curl command we are getting the Path Not Found Exception .  


[Yesterday 3:33 PM] Jagadeeswara Reddy Bachu
cess not allowed by configuration - requesting credentials 18.05.2020 13:06:04.087 *INFO* [Vault RCP Task - test-id-5] org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.rcp.impl.RcpTask Starting repository copy task id=test-id-5. From https://hostname/crx/server/crx.default/jcr:root/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy to /c ontent/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy 18.05.2020 13:06:04.096 *ERROR* [Vault RCP Task - test-id-5] org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.util.RepositoryCopier Error while retrieving src node /content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy: javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: /content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy 18.05.2020 13:06:05.114 *INFO* [] iscovery.oak.SynchronizedClocksHealthCheck execute: no topology connectors connected to local instanc  .
Pleae help us any confiuraiton is require for additional . 
Here  is My CURL command
curl -u admin:admin 'http://<destination-instance>/system/jackrabbit/filevault/rcp' -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"cmd":"create", "id":"test-id-1", "src":"https:/admin:admin@<source-instance>/crx/server/crx.default/jcr:root/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy", "dst":"/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy", "recursive": true} 
Please help on this issue . 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I would have checked the following things here:

1. Permissions- you are running the command with admin credentials, but checking the status with your id, which is stated in the first line of logs.

2. Folder name- special characters can also cause issues.

3. Connection between source and destination instances (any firewalls/restrictions etc.)




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