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AEM desktop app not mounting drive on Windows 10 Explorer


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I am not able to mount the DAM to my Windows Explorer with the desktop app. I am using Windows 10, installed the newest version of the AEM desktop app, and run AEM 6.2. The app seems to accept my credentials when I log in, but never mounts the server as a drive in Explorer.

I entered the server path and my admin credentials, and it will show the folders of the Touch UI of the DAM in the desktop app window so it appears to authenticate my credentials. However, there is still an issue with the connection. If I click on the app icon to get to the settings, it says that it is disconnected and gives the option to mount even though I am already signed in. There is a folder in Explorer C:/DAM but this has no subfolders as a normal mounted drive would show.

The app worked fine for me when I was on Windows 7, and I can currently connect on Mac computers so I don't believe it's an issue with our AEM environment. The issue only started as I had to update my computer to Windows 10.

I have reinstalled the desktop app multiple times. I have read the help instructions on the various pages listed here: Install and configure AEM Desktop App

I can't find any help section on troubleshooting the mounting in Windows 10 Explorer.

I appreciate if anyone has any suggestions on how I can trouble shoot further. Thanks!


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Remove the assets.html/ from your AEM server URL.