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Hi All,

When we define the metadata property name for an asset, as per my knowledge it is unique. Only one property as "Name" with value is allowed for any metadata field in crxde. For example: define dc:title. Or it can also be done using metadata Schema Editor where we can define 'Map to property'.

My question is:

Is there any way to define 2 different property names for a given metadata field? I have a requirement to change the existing metadata property keyword from 'X' to 'Y'.

However by doing this, asset metadata property in DAM will no longer display all the pre-populated values for existing metadata property 'X' in DAM.  How does AEM support this problem?

I know in crxde, system will still store old metadata value with reference to the old property name 'X', its just that it will not be shown to the user in asset properties if I change it to 'Y' property name since mapping is changed.

Do I need to write some custom workflow or any script which will copy the existing values to new one?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Why not create another property for example oldName where you keep the old X value in it. You can hide it by not displaying it to the user and you can still reference to it in your code to pull the old values etc. 

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