AEM 6.5.5 - Not able to create content fragments programmatically



I am trying to run the following code to create content fragments programmatically. The code runs fine but there is no content fragment created in the DAM.


I am able to create the content fragments manually but not programmatically.


//Does not create a content fragment
Resource templateRes = resourceResolver.getResource("/conf/<projectname>/settings/dam/cfm/models/custom-model");
fragment = templateRes.adaptTo(FragmentTemplate.class).createFragment(parentFolder, "custom-name", "Custom Title");

// Asset gets created successfully.
AssetManager assetMgr = resourceResolver.adaptTo(AssetManager.class);
Resource resource = resourceResolver.getResource(parentFolder.getPath()+"/"+"test.jpeg");
Asset asset = assetMgr.createAsset(parentFolder.getPath()+"/"+"test.jpeg", null, "image/jpeg", true);


 Any help is appreciated.



Nikunj Jariwala

AEM 6.5 content fragments

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




To create a content fragment, you can use ‘create’ API reference from ‘com.adobe.cq.dam.cfm ContentFragmentManager’.


Sharing a sample code which you can try to create a content fragment programmatically: 

//reference the Content Fragment Manager
private ContentFragmentManager fragmentManager;

private void createFrag() {
/** fragmentManager.create helps to create a content fragment
parent – The location where the content fragment should be created (for eg. “/content/dam/fragments”)
template – the content fragment template to refer while creating the new fragment
my-test-fragment – name of the fragment
My Test Fragment – title of the fragment **/

ContentFragment myFragment = fragmentManager.create(parent, template, “my-test-fragment”, “My Test Fragment”);



Programmatically accessing a content fragment

We need ‘com.adobe.cq.dam.cfm.ContentFragment’ API reference to access a content fragment

//Get the resource of content fragment as below.
Resource fragmentResource = resourceResolver.getResource(“/content/dam/fragments/my-test-fragment”);

//Adapt it to a fragment resource
if (fragmentResource != null) {
ContentFragment fragment = fragmentResource.adaptTo(ContentFragment.class);
// the resource is now accessible through the API





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