AEM 6.3 : what is dam:assetState property ?




we are working on upgrading from 6.0 to 6.3 version of AEM. We have customized the "DAM Upload Asset" workflow that gets called when uploading an asset in DAM Admin. It works fine in 6.0, however we are seeing one issue in 6.3.

I see two new properties got added in 6.3



In vanilla 6.3 instance after I upload an asset the property "dam:assetState" has value of "processed"

However once we deploy our custom code and then upload the asset the value remains "processing". This is blocking any further action on that asset with error something like "workflow is in progress".

I am not sure if we need to update this property in our custom step, any pointers are appreciated!


- Atul

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Adding some more information here:

When we upload an asset to DAM, dam:assetState provides information about the current status of the upload. For example I tried to upload a large video file and my dam:assetState initially states as processing. Once the upload is complete status changes to dam:assetState: processed.