AEM 6.2 custom asset metadata change not updating modified date



I've added a new metadata field to the JPEG schema by following the steps at: Metadata Schemas

The text field appears as expected when I modify a JPEG asset and the field value is updating properly in the JCR; However, I have noticed that the asset's modified date is not updated when modifying the value of the custom metadata. The modified date is updated when modifying out of the box fields like "title".

Custom metadata changes used to update the modified date in 6.0; Is this a bug with 6.2 or is this intentional?

Thanks for your help


I thought it might be worth pointing out that I also added a custom metadata field using the Classic UI approach (/libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image) and it also doesn't update the modified date.


The custom property that I have added is stored as a child node of metadata (i.e. /content/dam/<path-to-asset>/jcr:content/metadata/customnode).

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Accepted Solutions (1)



When user modifies {Properties}  at <asset>/jcr:content/metadata node, the workflow "DAM MetaData Writeback" gets triggered and update the last modified date of an Asset. If you look at the launcher condition of workflow "DAM MetaData Writeback", it gets triggered on the modification at metadata nodes, not child nodes. Hence adding custom proprieties on child node of <asset>/jcr:content/metadata may not trigger workflow until you change the workflow launcher settings.