Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



AEM 6.4 :

There is not OOTB functionality in AEM 6.1 but it is available in AEM 6.4

ACS-Commons :

If you are using acs-commons then you can use CSV Asset Importer, check below link

CSV Asset Importer

There are so many open source tools are available in the market to convert CSV to excel, so you can use those along with the ACS-Commons CSV Asset Importer.

I prefer this for single time execution or multiple times because it involves a manual approach

Custom solution ;

If you want to avoid converting CSV to Excel using a tool and you want to run this as cron job then it is better to write custom job

If the above step does not meet your requirement then you need to write custom code which reads all assets metadata and export it into excel format.