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Adobe Scene 7 resource types in AEM Components


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Our Objective is to use Scene 7 resources in  AEM components. There are several supported types are images and videos in Adobe scene 7, which can be easily utilized in AEM.

Similarly, other resources as spin set, hotspot, image-maps can be developed in Scene 7 but how can these resources be utilized in AEM ?

Any pointers will be helpful.


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Sets, maps, hotspots etc are virtual assets. The way to view these is through the Scene7 viewers which can be accessed via the sidekick or add via the content browser, depending on what version you are using.

It's hard to give a definitive answer as to what exactly works, firstly it depends on the version and secondly it is not explicitly listed.

E.g. compare v 5.6.1


to 6.1


6.x. has the HTML5 viewers so if the virtual asset can be synced into AEM them it should be able to be used.