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I would like to upload 500GB of assets from my local filesystem to AEM server running in AMS. I have been asked to use CSV Asset Importer for bulk updates.

But while I click on import assets, it says "Could not find any asset entries that can be processed Scroll down to see details.". I think it is because the file is in my local system. The csv has absolute path with reference to my local system. Is there a way to upload images from local system to Remote AEM server using CSV Importer ? If yes, how?

If no, Is there any other alternative upload mechanism for the above scenario ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



UPDATE : we were not able to upload from local filesystem into remote AEM Server.

We had to transfer the files from my local system into Amazon s3. We used S3 Asset Ingestor  to push the assets into Remote AEM Server. s3 Ingestion automatically handled batch-wise ingestion to AEM.