3D assets some issues



I have some issues with the new 3D assets supported format.

  • Firefox on Pc is very slow to display 3D content (some minutes) however it's less than few seconds on Mac.
  • Ascii fbx files shows a "text" as thumbnail instead of a rendered preview image.
  • I can't modulate the normal map intensity (via editing the shader in fbx)
  • Objects looks like "mirror" in "Helipad Stage"

Do someone have the same issues?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



When you create FBX files in third-party applications, Adobe recommends the specific configuration settings (see link below). These settings can help you achieve the best results for 3D files that you intend to use in AEM. The option names are taken from the Autodesk Maya FBX Export Options dialog box.

Link - Working with 3D assets

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