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Is there a way to create a renaming preset where the sequence starts at the number "0" zero?


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What I am trying to achieve is the following:

Fro example, I am photographing a handbag and I need to rename the file using a barcode and a barcode scanner.

My sequence of images goes like this:

Image 1: Tag shot

Image 2: Front

Image 3: Back

Image 4: Inside bag

Let's say the barcode once scanned produces a code such as TRE8801AZT16-Z

Right now my current preset is "Custom Text_Image # (1)"

This results with the images being renamed as:

TagShot: TRE8801AST16-Z_1

Front: TRE8801AST16-Z_2

Back: TRE8801AST16-Z_3

Inside bag: TRE8801AST16-Z_4

What I need is the sequence to start at zero so the tag shot is _0 and my images are named like this:

TagShot: TRE8801AST16-Z_0

Front: TRE8801AST16-Z_1

Back: TRE8801AST16-Z_2

Inside bag: TRE8801AST16-Z_3

Is this possible? If yes, how?

Thanks for the help


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