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exporting multi-page pdf: view one page at a time?


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i'm working on my artist's portfolio, and i have all my images in the order i want them in. it's a multi-page pdf.

in the indesign application, the way it displays my project is the "cover page," the first page, is by itself, but all the pages after that are displayed like a book (two pages placed next to each other)

i don't know if there's a setting I need to change in indesign itself, or if this is something i need to change in export settings.

but basically, i want anyone who is viewing my portfolio to only see one page (one image) at a time. but when i export the file and open it in preview (i work on a mac osx), all the pages after the first page are displayed two at a time.

does anyone know how to fix this?

i hope i am explaining correctly this so people can understand what i'm asking


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