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What is the most intimate connection that one can have with another human being, and it has to be a relationship with your other half or significant other? Think very carefully because it is not sex; since, we need to pro-create the human species, it is not a hug nor holding hands because this remind us of our parents or loved-one's protection (a sense of feeling safe in their arms or hands), guidance foundation (leading us not into temptations or into the wrong paths by leading us thru some form of force to taste the wrong paths that are opened to every human beings, and it is a priceless phenomena that could only take place between two distinctive souls! So, tell me what is the most intimate that can happen between two human beings? Please do not be so small mindedness into thinking that this apply only to heterosexual relationships; and even though, I am a straight kind of guy, it applies to all Heterosexual, Homosexual, Lesbianism, and/or Bi-sexual because it is between two, not three, four, or more... a bona-fide loyal commitment between two consensual adults!

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