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Different Exports with a dynamic Placeholder?


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First of all, I don't use Illustrator as a professional, but sometimes I do have to work in it. That's why I am asking.


I have an .ai with 12 artboards that are basically the same, just the sizing is different. Within these artboards I sometimes have to translate a piece of text to different languages. Would it be possible to put that piece of text that needs to be translated as something dynamic/as placeholder. Then when I export the file (every artboard to 1 .jpg) I would give a file with different inputs for that dynamic part.

Example (text):

Artboard1= [placeholder] drinks a beer. -size is 200x200px

Artboard2= [placeholder] drinks a beer -size is 500x200px

I would then export the file with input "John" and "Sam", my export would look like this:

John drinks a beer. -size is 200x200px (as .jpg)

John drinks a beer. -size is 500x200px (as .jpg)

Sam drinks a beer. -size is 200x200px (as .jpg)

Sam drinks a beer. -size is 500x200px (as .jpg)

I once heard this can be done in inDesign, but I only get these files in .ai. Normally I use Find and Replace, but if there are more than 20 different placeholders this is very time consuming.

Can anyone help out?

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