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#Adobechat - What role does storytelling play in digital experience design? What role does machine learning play in these experiences?


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Each week on Twitter, @AdobeMktgCloud asks several questions to the community. Responses are transcribed here to facilitate further discussion. The following are questions 5 and 6 asked Oct 19 2016:

What role does storytelling play in digital experience design?

Michael Halbrook ‏@Halbrook
It's foundational - you must know your audience, and know how you want to move & inspire them. Experiences ARE stories.

Rina Popat ‏@RinaSPopat
No story = no marketing. In content, adverts and messaging the build up is a story which makes it relatable.

Christoph Trappe ‏@CTrappe
Whoever tells the best stories wins. Having a meaningful story to tell can connect us long-term to our communities and customers. I tune some stories out because they are lame. Just have it be a real and authentic story.

Patrick Kitchell ‏@denmark98
Storytelling is about creating emotional connections. It is hard to do but when done right it is awesome.

R2integrated ‏@R2integrated
Any digital experience can inspire a sale. Those with memorable stories are the ones that get people talking. The beauty of digital experience is stories can be connected across all channels & platforms to create a consistent message.

Fred Faulkner IV ‏@FredFaulknerIV
I like to think that we need to create “choose your own adventure” storylines to allow for multiple experiences. Not everyone’s story will be the same, but you still want to get them to the endpoint.

Joel Renner ‏@JoelRRenner
Storytelling is about evoking emotion wish can drive action in anyone. Central to all experiences.

Nate Dame ‏@seonate
Story is the foundation and the common thread. All of the experiences should weave the brand story with the user's story.

Ken Burbary ‏@kenburbary
Storytelling is essential for a successful brand experience. People hear facts, but people FEEL stories.

Ken Burbary ‏@kenburbary
“If you lead with data, people’s shields come up. Dry, factual arguments are met with skepticism.”

David Daniels ‏@EmailDaniels
If you're not a good storyteller, you’re not a great marketer. Content is king #storymatters but best the story is targeted.

Loni Stark ‏@lonistark
Stories are the soul of digital experiences. Telling them invokes feelings & imagination. Without them, pixel wasteland.

What role does machine learning play in these experiences?

Michael Halbrook ‏@Halbrook
The depth & breadth of personalized experiences consumers demand aren't possible (at scale) w/out machine learning. Critical.

Nathan Farner ‏@ncfarner
Not much now but will be the bedrock in the future. Scale is what Machine Learning provides. Personalization is easy one off but almost impossible without machine learning.

Clicktale ‏@Clicktale
Machine learning poses both opportunity and challenge. Like all personalization, it means more #CXs to optimize. Machine learning also helps human #CX experts and analysts scale. Focus where it matters most.

Pernille Korzon ‏@PernilleKorzon
Faster customer service, voice recognizability replays. Siri can hear and feel the emotions behind the question.

Nate Dame ‏@seonate
Machine learning is keeping SEO on our toes. It's improving Google 24/7/365, which demands our best all day, every day.

David Chang ‏@davidsejinchang
The rise of AI will allow for smarter advertising, reduction of digital friction and witty brandbots.

David Cooperstein ‏@minicooper  53s53 seconds ago
As we venture into AI, the ability to have a "conversation" digitally will require a brand, a story, and a narrative to follow.

Loni Stark ‏@lonistark
Helps to determine (really fast) best content/experience to present depending on context of customer you are trying to reach.

What are your thoughts on these questions? If you didn't have an opportunity to respond on Twitter, please share your thoughts here!

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