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Understand there are ongoing works in the background to further improve user management within tools and in Experience Cloud Admin Console, I want to understand whether one of these improvements would be to expose users' "created" and "last login" information into the UI - making it readily available for easier user access management?

Currently, this is only available within Analytics UI but isn't available consistently within Admin Console and/or for other products. This is useful information to have to allow individuals managing user permissions of these tools to effectively review and revoke any dormant users and/or company leavers from the system. So, if this isn't currently considered within the roadmap, can this be reviewed and raised as a product feature request?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Yes, the Admin Console team is aware of this need and has a feature on their roadmap. I don't have details on timing for this feature but we are aware of the need.

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Come on Adobe, you can't easily add "Last Login" field to the console view of all users?   I have a $50K plus renewal coming up and when I logged into the Admin console I can't easily find this information.   How can I easily tell who is using their subscription and who is not if there is no "last login" field?   Come on Adobe add this today you have a few programmers over there to easily add this.



Well if you cant tell who isnt using the subscription, you cant easily reduce your cost. We are in the same boat except that I want to give people access and take from those that are not using it. So pretty much cannot manage the subscription base. Thanks Adobe.