Unfair, underhanded, and dishonest practices by Adobe with automatic renewal and cancellation fee



I am astounded by the bold dishonesty in the practices of Adobe.  I had signed up for a year long creative cloud account in July 2015.  I wasn't sure if I would use the service, but got it anyway.  As it turned out, it was not useful for my purposes, but I dutifully let the year run out, with Adobe taking 19.99 a month out of my account.  Then, since the year was up, I expected to have the charges end.  I received no communication from Adobe in any form letting me know that not only would they continue taking money out of my account after a year, but they raised the fee to 29.99 a month.  I was horrified when I realized in looking at my credit card account that they had been taking money out every month since July 2016 (the original completion of our agreement) without any notification to me at all.  When I tried to call the first time, I was on hold for 30 minutes and gave up.  When I went to the website, I followed instructions to cancel and was charged a $79 early cancellation fee!!!! How is this early cancellation when I never opted for a second year.  This is a shady, illegal practice that I intend to make known in all social media outlets.  When I talked to a customer service agent after being on hold for 30 minutes, I was told that despite my request for a refund of the 6 months that they unfairly charged me for an upgrade and extension I NEVER asked for, they would not give it to me.  However, the agent did agree to give me a refund for the ridiculous early cancellation fee. I still planned to dispute the 6 months of unauthorized charges.


Imagine my surprise when I received this note the next day!


Your Case Number:0220945348

Case Description:subscription query C5000764390ED


With this response, we believe your issue is resolved and have therefore closed your case 0220945348.   If your support case has not been completed to your satisfaction or you need to contact us on this issue again, please reference your case number. 


From: suppnr@adobe.com



Hello ,


Thank you for contacting Adobe.


I am writing in reference to your open case:-0220945348. This is just to inform you that the exception for the refund has been denied by our higher level of support.


Please respond to this email with an update so that we can further assist you.




Adobe Support




I am outraged at the unfair, underhanded, and dishonest practices by Adobe!!!!


I will be pursuing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and a small claims court case.  I will also look to create a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for all the customers who seem to have had similar experiences!

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Hi Suzanne,

I'm sorry you had a poor experience with your Creative Cloud subscription. I want to ensure your comment gets the attention and care it deserves. Unfortunately, this forum is used for Adobe Marketing Cloud products only. We have no Creative Cloud moderators or community managers participating here. If I could, I would move your post to the appropriate Creative Cloud forum but we currently use different platforms for our communities. In order to ensure your post is seen by the correct audience, I'd like to suggest reposting it in the Creative Cloud forums. You can choose the correct product on the Creative Cloud forums homepage here.


Please let me know how else I might be of help.

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