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Hi Guys,

I am trying to track the default/system pages for one of SharePoint Internal site i.e., non editable pages, to add the code snippet.Is there any possible ways to track pages on not adding the code snippet on .aspx pages.

Please suggest me steps on below questions

1. If my web page is built on SharePoint environment with standard default template pages(non-editable pages) or system pages, will be able to track data from such web pages? if possible, please suggest.

2. How to track the pages and default standard pages/system pages in Share point modern team sites?

3. What are the possible ways to send the beacon request to default pages/System pages in share point environments?

4. Suggest few possible sample libraries (custom) integrations that can be embedded to SharePoint to get the page views for standard pages(default pages) request to Adobe Analytics?



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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Unfortunately, I don't see a way to track a page if you are unable to deploy the tracking code to the page. Deploying the code is required to generate the beacon that is used to populate your reports in Analytics. Not having the code on the page means no data is being sent to Adobe.

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Answers (2)



Thank Jantzen for response.

But, In share point for some sites we have pages with no possible <head> and <body> tags, here we need to track the pages as well like Normal pages on adding the code snippet.

Any Suggestions on how to track the aspx pages with no head and body tags ?