track any type of device ID?



Is it possibly by any way to get device ID, e.g. IMEI, MAC address, IDFA, in any one of adobe product? Analytcis (Data Warehouse), Audience Manager, etc.?

We need a very unique device ID other than "Omniture ID" so that we can identify user cross platforms to provide better user experience.

Please help to suggest any possibly way or alternative solution.

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The unique identifiers Adobe has access to is identical to the codebase you're using to collect data. For example, if you're using a JavaScript AppMeasurement library, you'll be able to collect any identifiers that JavaScript has access to. Since JavaScript cannot access MAC address without some pretty complex and hacky workarounds, this particular avenue would not be ideal.

My recommendation would be to investigate what unique identifiers your AppMeasurement language can access, then use that as a basis for collecting unique identifiers.

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The Experience Cloud ID Service helps track the user across the Adobe platform. As for device ID, I'm not sure if Analytics collects a MAC address or Device ID. I'll tag a few people that might know.

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