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I am an Admin in Adobe Campaign, Audience Manager, Audience Library, the Custom Audience Manager Group, and also in the Adobe Campaign Experience Cloud profile. But I am still getting this permissions error when I try to import an audience from the Experience cloud.

AAM Error.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I'm not sure what you mean by Web Servers. This integration was for People Core Services from ACC to AAM, which used the exp. cloud to pass the data. The documentation doesn't mention the Named Rights in Adobe Campaign. Which I was already an Administrator, but I needed to add these additional ones.

In Adobe Campaign Classic, I added a few named rights and that seemed to do the trick. Everything for the AAM was good to go.

-File Access


-Insert Folders

-Program Execution

-Recipient Import

-SQL Script Execution

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Answers (5)





I understand that you have Admin on those products do you also have Web services? Where is the sharing coming from is it a segment that is the Experience Platform? You should have Web Services access from Analytics, Admin access in Analytics, Access to Shared Audiences, And then your groups in Campaign. Sounds like its just about there. Can you confirm your access?



Neither of these exists, however, the MAC package was installed by support.

Super confused.


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Integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions

The workflows detailed below are installed with the Integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud module by default. For more on this module, refer to this section.


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Import audiences from the Adobe Marketing Cloud


This workflow allows you to import audiences/segments from different Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions into Adobe Campaign.

Export audiences to the Adobe Marketing Cloud


This workflow exports audiences as shared audiences/segments. These audiences can be used in the different Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions that you use.