Server side ECID approach to fetch mid value



Hi all,

I have implemented server side ECID approach to fetch d_mid parameter value for a particular customer by passing the customer id in the API request.

But I am getting an incorrect mid value in api response. The fetched mid value is different from mid value captured in web. I am using postman to send API requests.

Also, the mid value remains the same for any customer id; which is incorrect. After fetching the  mid value I need to pass the mid value in subsequent Target requests in API.

Request:{marketing cloud organization id}&d_nsid=0&d_blob={d_blob value}&d_cid={integration code}%{customerid}%{authentication status}



    "d_mid": "{d_mid value}",

    "id_sync_ttl": 604800,

    "d_blob": "{d_blob value}",

    "dcs_region": 3,

    "d_ottl": 7200,

    "ibs": [


            "id": "411",

            "ttl": 10080,

            "tag": "img",

            "fireURLSync": 1,

            "syncOnPage": 1,

            "url": [





    "subdomain": "{subdomain}",

    "tid": "MgkoRiIuQSU="


Let me know if I need to perform some additional steps to fetch the correct mcid with respect to a customer id in request.



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