Segments.Get / Save / Delete Permission Issues




I ran into some permission issues while I was using Segments 1.4 APIs.

In User Management, under Report Access -> Web Services, I gave a group "All Access" and assigned that to my test user.

After that, calling Segments.Get and Save works fine using that user, but I was not able to delete the segment via Segments.Delete call due to a permission error.

It seems only if I make this user admin, Segments.Delete call goes through, but did not work even with "All Access" for Web Services.

I think applying different permissions to similar api calls does not really make sense... If a user was able to create a segment, the same use should be able to delete it... I think it might be a bug.

In order to use Segments.Delete call, I need to give this api user an admin access which is not a feasible option for us at this point...

Any thought? or anyone knows ways to accomplish this without giving an admin access?


[Problem Summary]:

Web Services with All Access: Segments.Get / Save works, but Segments.Delete raise a permission error.

Admin Access: Segments.Delete needs Admin Access, but we can't give admin privilege for the api user due to security concerns.

We need a way to delete the segments that are created by the same user without admin privilege.

The problem is that even if a test user creates a segment and is the owner of it, the same test user can't delete it via Segments.Delete API.
However, the same test user can delete the segment from the UI. So UI and API are doing different things when it comes to deleting a segment for this user.



It turns out it is a bug and internally a bug has been filed for this.

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