Rearrange dashboards in report navigation menu?



One simple question:

Can I rearrange the dashboard structure in my own personal site navigation menu? I mean the one that pops up when clicking "View all reports". As me and my organization share quite a lot of dashboards this gets quickly confusing and time consuming when looking for a certain report. It would be good to create directories and naming them.

In the Dashboard Manager I couldn't find anything similar. Is there any such feature?

Thanks for your attention.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

Under Dashboard Manager you can create it under Legacy dashboards or My dashboards. Unfortunately, as per my knowledge there is no such feature to create folders can keep specific dashboards under them. You can use Copy me and On Menu options though to copy a dashboard and see the updates from the shared one respectively. 

To know what all you can do using dashboards see:


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