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Need your expert advice here, we are planning to use 'page impressions' and 'content insight' features of AEM and we are looking into options to achieve the same.

We are going through the documentation and understood that SiteCatalyst Framework can be used for the above purpose, but also it is mentioned that sitecatalyst framework will send tracking data to analytics, which we do not want as we are using DTM for that purpose.

Can you please advice what are the options we have just to import analytics data to AEM but not sending data to analytics back (as we are using DTM to send data to analytics)? My understanding of Sitecatalyst framework is that it will send data to analytics as well, which we want to avoid.

Ideally, we want only communication(data import) from Analytics to AEM and not from AEM to Analytics.

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Answers (1)


Community Manager


Using DTM to send data from the page into Analytics is definitely the correct approach for that use case.

As for the importing of Analytics data into AEM, I'll have to defer to our AEM community manager smacdonald2008