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I would like to understand how to change the page name (ex: from abc to xyz) on URL without disturbing content/URL structure.

For example:

This is my existing URL structure: http://localhost:4502/content/geometrixx/en.html

The new URL should be: http://localhost:4502/content/geometrixx/english.html

Couple of requirements here:

'en' has sub pages, so when i use those sub pages, the url should be like http://localhost:4502/content/geometrixx/english/1/2.html

It should be SEO friendly.

I have tried using sling mapping but no luck. May be I was doing something incorrect. Appreciate if anyone is able to help me out on this?

- Sak

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello sakd8248873

You may want to explore the Alias feature in AEM to satisfy your use-case. Steps:

1) Go to /editor.html/content/geometrixx/en.html

2) Open Page properties and go to Advanced Tab

3) Declare an Alias for this page by giving it an value of "english".

Now you'll be able to hit the page /content/geometrixx/english.html as well as /content/geometrixx/en.html.

You can check further on this in documentation SEO and URL Management Best Practices

Best Regards,