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We are in the process of rolling out Adobe Analytics on our website. This means that I will have to make a number of Omniture logins for a large number of my colleague. Currently, I have to create an Omniture user then they create an Adobe ID via the Marketing Cloud. This is confusing because the user has 2 log ins to gain access the one program, Omniture. Could you please explain the difference between Omniture log in and Adobe ID login and there a way of creating one account for one user? 

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Hi ,

The  Adobe Marketing Cloud ( ) provides a framework for accessing the different solutions (Adobe Analytics, Social , DTM, Target etc. )  from one place using Adobe ID (An Adobe ID is the user's account for all Adobe solutions. Users create their own Adobe IDs in the process of linking their solution accounts to the Marketing Cloud).  

You can link your solution credentials with your Adobe ID. This enables you to log in to all of your solutions ( Adobe Analytics,  Adobe DTM, Adobe Target, Social etc )  from one place i.e. Adobe Marketing Cloud.

For example, in Analytics and Social, link (or map) the Company, Username, and Password values to your Adobe ID.

For more information about Organisations & Account Linking , Please see the following link -

Also , For more information about Adobe Marketing Cloud Core services , Please see the link -

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Parit Mittal

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