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OKTA Integration to Experience cloud


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I am looking to configure Federated ID login into the experience cloud, using OKTA as our IDP.  Having followed the instructions provided in the following two links:




I am now redirected to a url:



With the message on screen:

An error occurred

This might be a sign of an IDP initiated login, which we don't support.


Could anyone enlighten me please as to the solution to this  problem?   The error message in the URL suggests that I have not provided a state, but I do not now what this state is.


Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi @neilcbs 


Federated ID login (SSO) into the experience cloud is SP initiated only not IdP.


Thus, the correct workflow is as follows


1. Go to experincecloud.adobe.com

2. Enter email address 》 select option for company or school account

3. redirected to your IdP provider 

4. Enter SSO credentials when prompted 

5. on successful SAML assertion your a redirected back to the Experience Cloud


Hope this helps!



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Hi @Joshua_Eisikovi 

I have reached this thread because we experienced the same issue using Google as IdP.


We performed the configuration steps explained in this article: https://support.google.com/a/answer/9291980


The Adobe icon appears in the Google Application Launcher (𝌠) for the users we set up (a certain group). However when they click on it (IdP initiated process) we recieve the error message describe in the original post.


If the process is initiated by going to "experincecloud.adobe.com" everything works ok.


Is there any way of enabling the IdP initiated SAML? Or is this feature in your roadmap?


Thanks and regards


Nicolas Trejo

IT Lead