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Hi all-

Is anyone else getting this status for their Adobe Site Catalyst/Omniture? Specifically, it says:

Network Acceleration Timeout The network acceleration option expedites the delivery of your reports. However, the report you requested has exceeded the maximum load time. You may use the back button to try the report again, or if this is a common problem, you may disable network acceleration under Display Options in the report interface.

If you have encountered this error while using ClickMap, you will need to close your browser window before disabling network acceleration or attempting to retrieve the report again.

I've been checking if there have been any kind of updates, crashes, etc, but so far it seem as though all should be in good working order. Could this be something that has to do with our company network? Thanks in advance for any help, tips, or advice.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Melina,

Network Acceleration is a cache for Analytics. You can resolve this issue by going to your account settings and unchecking the boxes under 'network acceleration'. Leave the boxes unchecked for an hour or so and then you can re-enable it after the error has cleared. That should clear out that message. If it continues to persist contact Customer Care.



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