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Hi guys,

I am struggle with tracking app. We have apps in android and ios. Let's see Android example:

I created acqusition link, added app from google. Created link and try to download app with this link ( ). However, there is no data in report. All other data is Ok. Here, I found one important point:

In this file ADBMobileConfig.json we should enable "referrerTimeout": 5, parameter, I did it. But there is still not data. I also checked version of SDK - 4.1. It is Ok for acqusition. What else can I check?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Dmitry,

For App Acquisition there is a multi-part implementation. 

For iOS: the library has to be imported and the acquisition settings need to be included in the json file (see

For Android: the library has to be imported, the Broadcast Receiver has to be implemented, the AndroidManifest.xml needs to enable the Broadcast Receiver, and the json file has to include the acquisition settings (see

Once all of the above are set up the acquisition links added in Mobile Services should come through. Have you enabled all of the above?



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