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I've an existing Adobe Analytics page code. I've checked the "Adobe Analytics page code is already present" button and changed the Object name to "s2".  Then i created a rule to fire on all pages. I'm expecting to see the page code on where there is no existing Adobe Analytics page code. But it doesnt seem to work on that way. I can see the all page rule is being fired by enabling debugger in console. However the Digital Pulse Debugger does not show any data. It seems like it never loads the s_code.js in order to gather analytics data.

Can you be any help with this problem?

Thank you very much.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




In your Adobe Analytics "tool" settings (same place you checked the "already present" checkbox), are you using 'Managed' s_code, or have you set the URL for it?

If managed, you would need to click the 'Open Editor' button and paste in your s_code there.

If URL, can you confirm that opening that URL directly in your browser loads the s_code.js file?


Hopefully that helps you to resolve the issue, but if not, please reply back to let us know so we can help further.

Kind regards,

- Carey

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