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We are finding that marketing cloud id is not being set for certain pages - we rely on this for Heartbeat reporting, so we are losing out on a lot of video reporting (interestingly, the issue seems to be most pronounced on mobile safari iphone when I look at the data). 

In doing some digging, I found that yes, we are using an older version of the Visitor API that sets the loadTimeout to 500ms. Looking at more recent documentation, the default now seems to be 30,000ms. That is quite a big change. 

Would you expect that changing the loadTimeout with the current version of the Visitor API would resolve our issue (at least on the scale of recovering 70-80%) of our numbers. Right now, mobile safaris video views have pretty much flatlined. 

The long-term solution is of course to be update all libraries, but we are looking to implement a quick patch as this is a live issue. 


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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We've made many updates to both the Visitor API library and each of the solution libraries in the last year. Many of these updates fixed issues with the Marketing Cloud ID service. As you stated, one of the changes was a change to the loadTimeout variable. You could definitely try to up to timeout on your current version, but it may not fix the issues you are seeing. Like I said, we've made updates to all libraries to ensure the ID service functions as designed. I would strongly recommend an update of all your Adobe libraries as soon as you are able. This will likely fix most if not all issues you are experiencing with the ID service and any of our core service/integrations.

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