lnk_e (or equivalent) in the Mobile App SDK



I've searched around with no luck, so I am asking here...

I am pretty well-versed in the s_code and AppMeasurement,js ways of doing things, but am still new-ish to mobile apps.

When a user clicks a link inside our app that takes them to a mobile web page, I would like to record that like a lnk_e would on the web.  Is there a way to set the app equivalent of linkType in the trackAction() or trackState() calls?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Jim,

All actions tracking in the SDK are lnk_o type actions. There is a good explanation and recommendation on the Developer Connection here: https://marketing.adobe.com/developer/forum/mobile/how-to-set-link-type-using-trackaction-on-sdk-4-x. "We'd suggest you to use trackAction, and then you can view the Action Paths report on the mobilemarketing website. We consider a action as a exit one if it's the last action happening during the user session."

Let me know if you have any additional questions on this.



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