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I'm set as an Admin in my Adobe ID, Analytics profile, etc. and recently enabled Customer Attributes for my profile from within the new Admin console.

When I click on "People and Profiles" after clicking the drop down from the Marketing Cloud, it takes me to some generic marketing around customer attributes.

Am I missing something here?  I know typically there's like 4 separate places to log in, and you have to enable access in  at least 2 of those logins, among 4 clouds, and sacrifice a goat, to be able to enable access anything Adobe has, but are there directions out there on how to get this done, or am I missing something fundamental here (like clicking on the wrong thing)?

Even the email I received that said "congrats on your new access, click here to log in" takes me to the endless barrage of marketing efforts.

Any help is appreciated!

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Hey Jantzen,

Thanks for the help.  I was able to figure it out.

Though I had access, I'm wasn't able to log in through experience manager.  It's also not connected to the analytics cloud, or the Adobe ID site.

I had to log in via a different site called marketing cloud manager?  Otherwise I would be taken to some "please buy me" marketing efforts but that worked eventually - the clouds login system are.... well... cloudy...

The only other thing that occurs is when you are logged in, and navigating to other tools, for some reason you are brought back to your "feed" in an endless loop, but that's outside the scope of my original question.

Thanks for following up I do appreciate it

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I understand you are having a hard time accessing Customer Attributes. Can you tell me what permissions groups your user currently belongs to? Also, can you tell me the click path you are taking to log into the Customer Attributes UI?