How much does Adobe Marketing Cloud Cost?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Rob,

Marketing Cloud is an enterprise solution so it's pricing tends to vary on the basis of your requirements.

You could contact the Sales team for a demo and further info about pricing by filling out this form.

You could even consider calling on the numbers available on that link.

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Answers (2)


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Hi Leonie,

It sounds like your concerns are around Adobe Creative Cloud. The original question was around Adobe Experience Cloud (formerly known as Adobe Marketing Cloud). The Adobe Experience Cloud is made up of many enterprise level solutions and capability that vary in pricing depending on usage, contract length, and multiple other factors. For example, a customer needing say 25 million Analytics server calls per month and specific data retention requirements will have a different price than a customer that needs only 500 thousand per month and standard data retention. There is also multiple different reporting features that play into the total cost and that is just for one of the solutions contained within the Experience Cloud.

As you can see the pricing for Experience Cloud isn't really something that can accurately be depicted without understanding the organization's needs first.

As for Creative Cloud, I believe all their pricing can be found here





In other words, what the market will bear! or however much we think we can sting you for. I want this question answered properly. As well as - Is this included for CC subs or is it another continual slog of our wallets. Adobe, your marketing is resembling shonky real estate emails and sites - no price, no info, no trial. Just crap that wastes my time and sends me in circles, over it big time.