How do I attribute offline conversions to web activity?



I understand the mapping process and the MCID/ ECID, and the execution of Customer Attributes in general, but still struggling to understand how CRM data can be attributed to anonymous web behavioral data?  I presume the browser/searcher needs to authenticate on the website at some point to be tied to the offline CRM data?  If not, how do I know if someone who bought 'Widget A' at the Widget Store offline, also visited prior to their purchase?  How does that anonymous data tie in with the known data?





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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Adam,


That's correct. If you want to tie a users offline CRM data to their online web data they would need to authenticate at least once. With that said, there may still be opportunities to use that data on a larger scale with something like look-a-like models or other options available via Experience Platform and Audience Manager (assuming you have access to those solutions).



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