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Customer attributes mapping


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Hope someone can help me out here. I uploaded a file that contains the following columns Encrypted ID and Customer Type. Encrypted client ID is something we store in an evar and was thus hoping to merge both datasets so I can see the customer type for each Encrypted ID in workspace and target. All I'm seeing is "unspecified" in workspace. I thought customer attributes worked as a mapping document but I'm not seeing anything asking for what evar I want the uploaded data to map to. Am I missing something here?

I followed the steps in Create a customer attribute source and upload the data file with the exception that my primary key is a customer ID not assigned by adobe.

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Hi Juhaan,

The mapping works via your implementation.  You need to set the 'setCustomerId' parameter to the encrypted id that you are uploading in your implementation, that way it will map the ECID or MID parameter to the encrypted client Id that you mention.

Customer IDs and Authentication States

There is a limited backfill method that can be setup where analytics will export the evar value (if you have it already) and the subsequent visitor id's to the customer attribute system.  If you want to set that up you need to open up a ticket with customer care.  But, this is just meant to be a stop gap until you get your implementation setup to set the customer Id's real-time.

I hope that helps,

Seth Burke


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Hi Juhaan,

Does Seth's response above answer your question?