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Creating JWT Token in .NET 4.5.2


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We are trying to create a Service Account integration and follow the steps to create a token as outlined here: adobeio-auth/Program.cs at stage · AdobeDocs/adobeio-auth · GitHub

However, we are targeting.NET 4.5.2 and the GetRSAPrivateKey() function is only supported in 4.6 and later.  We are wondering how to get around that for our version.  We have tried using cert.PrivateKey instead but we keep getting an error saying "Could not match JWT signature to any of the bindings".  When we use the token generated in the Adobe I/O Console it works fine, but we need to be able to create the tokens on the server for our integration.

How do we properly create the token in .NET 4.5.2?

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