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Withe the release of Adobe Launch and the very rapid "legacy" label on the former Dynamic Tag Manager solution, i am wondering how at the current point of time, an Adobe Launch property may be included into AEM 6.3 via a cloud services configuration (or if that is possible at all). If not, will this configuration type be available with the next version of AEM (6.4).

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Answers (7)


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Form the AEM 6.4, Adobe Launch Configuration would be available as OOTB under Tools->cloud Service -> Adobe Launch Configurations.

Note: The implementation of AEM-Launch integration is not similar to the previous AEM-DTM integration which we use to do. AEM will now communicate with Launch via Adobe i/o. Also, AEM-Launch config will be now included on the page from the page property via Advance tab rather than the cloud Service tab which was the case with AEM-DTM.

I will be documenting the process and would share it with you by the end of next week. Right now it may appear to be some rocket science, but once the document would get ready, you would understand everything.



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I believe it is possible to deploy Launch via 6.3 if needed, but there isn't a official integration built into the product. From my understanding, this should be included in the 6.4 release of AEM.

Stay tuned in both the Launch, by Adobe​ and Adobe Experience Manager​ communities for when that is released. We will be putting out a webinar or KB article showing how to use this integration when it becomes available. You can also follow us on Twitter and it will be posted there as well.