Can you group multiple Analytics Accounts under one Marketing Cloud Organization?



Is it possible to add more than one distinct Adobe Analytics account (from the same company) to the "products" list under a common Marketing Cloud Organization?  For instance, say a company has a distinct Adobe Analytics account for their US websites (AcmeUS), and another for their Global websites (AcmeGlobal).  Is it possible to add each of these products under one Marketing Cloud Organization so that MCVID services can be used across the accounts?  If not, is it possible to manufacture your own common Organization ID (Acme1010101010101010@AdobeOrg), and use it in when setting up MCVID services for each of the distinct Adobe Analytics accounts?  We are hoping to solve cross domain tracking issues by employing MCVID at the company/global level, but we aren't sure our current environment will support it.

Thanks for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Yes, you can add multiple Analytics login companies to a single Marketing Cloud organization. You'll need to have Customer Care put in the request to our Corporate Provisioning Team. There can be some complications if you've already deployed the MCID service on both sites. Also, if you're using other Adobe products on each of the sites, they don't follow all of the same rules. For example, only one Target solution can exist within the same Marketing Cloud organization.

If you'd like to give me some more information about your current scenario, I'd be happy to provide more information around what you need to watch out for.