Can i switch



Hello Dear,

I want to know can i switch my creative cloud with exper Cloud/ Marketing Cloud .

how can i access the exper cloud features with my creative cloud .

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The Experience Cloud operates quite a bit differently than the Creative Cloud. The Experience Cloud is geared more towards Enterprise-level digital marketing tools. It is currently not tied to the Creative Cloud in any way.

If you are genuinely interested in an Experience Cloud contract, you can contact the sales team on this page here:

Transform your brand into an experience business | Adobe Experience Cloud

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Answers (1)



I have the same question, current a creative cloud member looking for some awnsers regarding moving to the experience cloud, price, bebefits etc, excuse my typing but I can’t barely see what I’m typing right now, just finished a surgery , nhow any help is much appreciated thanks in advance!  Just a heads up, once I’m done healing I will be opening a studio but its more in to that this is why I need some awnsers, I’ve been looking at the azure cloud and the ibm as well but here I feel like is my home, again if anyone can help me i apretiate