Analytics - DTM Communication issue?



Hi all,

We are trying to use the following Adobe Experience Cloud solutions together:

- AEM 6.3

- DTM (sandbox)

- Analytics (sandbox)

We have configured Analytics and DTM properly and included the header/footer DTM tags in our AEM page scripts. We have also verified the tags are present in the HTML markup and that the DTM .js file request returns a proper JS script body.

Problem: on page load (AEM side) the Adobe Analytics reports are not being populated/updated.

Assumption: There is some sort of communication issue between AEM > DTM and/or DTM > Adobe Analytics.

Has anyone faced any similar issue before, particular with Adobe Sandbox instances? I searched around the forums but didn't find any similar topic.

Best regards and thank you in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)



After digging around for quite a while, it seems it's a permissions issue; the analytics instance is a sandbox provided by Adobe, as such reports could not be updated properly.

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Answers (4)


Community Manager


Do you have a URL where I can see this behavior?

I guess I don't fully understand the problem. You indicate that Adobe Analytics reports aren't being updated. Are you able to see image requests being sent form the page? If so, are you sure you are viewing the correct report with the correct report suite? If you aren't seeing an Analytics beacon, there is likely something wrong with the implementation.



Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, DTM is fully configured, incl. the report suites.

In fact, I can also see all existing report suites in the relevant dropdown on DTM side. This (I assume) indicates the DTM and Analytics sandbox are communicating fine. If that is the case, it could be an issue of AEM and DTM communication issue. But again, the JS snippet used in the AEM HTML markup does indeed return a proper JS body on request (which shows that AEM and DTM also communicate fine). Still puzzled.