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Hello, currently our project is compatible with AEM 6.5.3 on premise, and we use java 8 to run AEM and build our project. We would like to check the possibilities of adapting the project for use in Adobe Experience Cloud.


I've started by reading documentation and I have a doubt: 

1. On the one hand Cloud Manager uses jdk 8 build environment:

2. On the other hand local AEM runtime uses jdk 11:


I'm not sure how to interpret this fragments.

Is java 11 required for running AEM SDK locally?

Is it required to build project dedicated for Adobe Experience Cloud with java 11?

If I build my project with java 11 will it be compatible with Cloud Manager?


Any advice is appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @joannaj49016259, you should be compiling your code using Java 8, until Cloud Manager supports Java 11 and running your AEM as a Cloud Service SDK locally using Java 11. 


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