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AEC Debugger not able to function properly after clear browsing history


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Hi guys,

 May I seek for your advice about an issue happened to the AEC debugger at my Chrome browser?
 Please have a look at below screen shot, When I open it and we can see that the debugger is showing long loading status.
 And we can also see that at the title bar, it is showing a variable, extensionName, instead of “Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger”.


 This happened after I clear my browsing history, it was working fine before this.

 Have try removed it and re-installed again but still doesn’t workout. 



 Many thanks in advance

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Hi @YeoKwokTong ,

I see the same with AEC Debugger. I would suggest taking this opportunity to upgrade to the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger. I don't think the old debugger is being maintained anymore. All development and new features are being built into the new debugger. You can add it from here:


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Hi there,

 Thanks for your advice.
 Will use AEP debugger then.




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Software engineer in charge of both versions of the AEP Debugger here.

What @dwright-adobe said is correct: the old debugger is not maintained anymore, so please move to the extension that he linked. 
That being said, I've fixed this issue, so if you absolutely need to use this old version until we remove it on September 1st, 2023, then you are now able to do so.


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Right, the new AEP dubugger is much more powerful actually.
Thanks mate.
Appreciate it.