AAM - Impact of updating the name of a DataSource, Trait, Segment, Destination and Profile Merge Rule



Hi Team,

The system is up and running with existing datasource, traits, segments, destination and profile merge rules. But, there is no proper naming convention followed so, I want to update the name of all building blocks. I've few doubts -

  1. I know the name change at one place will automatically take place in consumers e.g. if I change the trait name it will change the trait name in Segment definition also but, is there any thing else I should take care while changing the name for the  - datasource, traits, segments, destination and profile merge rules. 
  2. Is there any adobe recommended naming conventions or guidelines which I can follow, I tried but didn't find any in documentation.


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Changing the name should have no impact on the way that they are linked.  Everything is done via IDs, and the naming is just for reference in the UI.  As for recommended guidelines, we leave that up to the customer's discretion. Every customer may utilize the system differently, and they can thus organize their traits and segments how they choose.


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