Video Heartbeats SDK for Android--No data in cloud anytime we update past 1.37



One of our larger clients is having issues getting data in the Omniture Dashboard whenever we update their Adobe Video Heartbeat SDK beyond version 1.37 (on Android only). The client would like to be on the latest 1.5x version. I’m a little fuzzy on the  plugin mentioned in the release notes, and whether it is or isn’t required. Any insight you or your team could provide as to what might cause the Heartbeats data not to arrive in the the client console would be greatly appreciated. I clearly see the data leaving the Android device via Charles, though the 1.3x traces include a “trackingServer” and “RSA” parameter that I don’t see in the 1.4x traces. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi William,

Your question would require a first hand look into your implementation and data collection. I would request you to kindly reach out to the ClientCare through your supported user. They will be able to provide you a solution.



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