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How do I track when a mobile app user scrolls through a long screen and stops at a particular set of content, spending graph v. map to vendor v. offer or campaign?  We want to track engagement but also be able to do A/B or multivariate testing on placement of particular components in a single mobile app scrollable screen.  We are using Adobe iOS native SDK

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Hi debg46628983

Adobe Mobile SDK provides APIs for tracking that can be called from each application view or for any user action you may want to track. There is no special API for scroll tracking, but you can implement your own UIScrollViewDelegate, identify when the view was changed and call one of our APIs:

- for page/view tracking you can use trackState.

- for actions (e.g. button clicked, scrolling etc.) you can use trackAction.

Emilia Dobrin

Sr. Mobile Engineer

Adobe Experience Cloud

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