Omniture (analytics) libraries for window 10 (Universal Windows Applications)



I'm working on a Universal Windows Application (UWA / Windows 10) and need to integrate Omniture, but not getting very far.

I have tried to install by the Visual Studio extension  which doesn't seem to be compatible, as I get the following error :

The processor architecture of the project being built "Any CPU" is not supported by the referenced SDK "ADBMobile, Version=4.0".

Please consider changing the targeted processor architecture of your project (in Visual Studio this can be done through the Configuration Manager) to one of the architectures supported by the SDK: "x86, ARM, x64".

Are there any other options for me to incorporate Onimture into the application, or is there any roadmap with an SDK to support Windows 10 (UWA)?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Peter,

The current SDK for Windows 8.1 Universal Applications is written in c++, and requires that you select your architecture at build time.  "Any CPU" is not supported.

A Windows 10 SDK is on the roadmap, but we do not have a date to commit to at this time.  Thanks!


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