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I am considering updating our App SDK to include the location coordinates/radius to enable Points of Interest analytics. Can someone please explain how the Point of Interest tracing works: 

Q. Does the user need to have location services enabled in order for the tracking to work or is it calculated from the cell signal?

Q. Are the location coordinates being store or are they being used to work out whether the customer is within a specific radius?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Anton,

Welcome to the community!

In order to use Location features, you must do the following:

You must have Analytics—Mobile Apps or Analytics Premium.
You must enable Location Reports for the app. See Configure Options on the App Information Page.
If you are using earlier versions of the iOS SDK or Android SDK (before version 4.2), after adding new Points of Interest, you must download a new configuration file and give it to your app developers.
If you are using the iOS SDK or Android SDK versions 4.2 or later, you no longer need to submit an app update to the store to update your Points of Interest. On the Manage Points of Interest page, clicking Save packages any changes to the Point of Interest list, then updates the configuration file (App SDK Downloads) for the live app. Saving also updates the list of points in your app on the user devices, as long as the app uses the updated SDK and configuration with a remote points-of-interest URL.

On the user's device, for a hit to be assigned to a Point of Interest, location must be enabled for the app.

Click the name of the desired app to go to its Manage App Settings page.
Click Location > Manage Points of Interest.

Click Import or Export if you would rather work with the data using a .csv file instead of using the Adobe Mobile user interface.


I hope this helps.


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Answers (1)



Hi Tanmay,

We have set up the Location Features yesterday doing every step you described but we still don't see any data coming in.

Do we need to wait for a certain amount of time for data to come in?

The version of the Adobe SDK we're using are:

  • Android: v4.14.0
  • iOS: v4.15.0

We have imported a list of our stores (and see the correct locations on the map).

We have Location Reporting enabled.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 07.49.25.png

We have over 200 stores so I would assume we should already see data coming in? Point of interest name is still 'unspecified'.

Kind regards,