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We're interested in building a proximity marketing use case using Adobe Mobile Services.

We understood how to manage Places within Adobe Mobile Services, however we have a couple of questions:

  1. When building a Push Message, what should we select to target someone who "enters" a Place?
  2. Are the Mobile Services Places available across the Experience Cloud (i.e. if/how can I use them in Analytics, Target, Audience Manager)?
  3. Is there any API available to use with geofencing? I.e. "when the user enters in a Mobile Services Place, make a REST call"

Any link to documentation or tutorials on this would be helpful.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Got the answers from client care:

  1. When using Push Messages you can create a Custom Segment "Geofence = " and then select one of the Places. Push Messages cannot be fired immediately when someone enters a Place. Push Message message just work of the values that have been received in the past, but does not have a concept of a trigger. If you want to send a message when a user enters a Place/crosses a geofence you will need to work with In-App messages.
  2. The Places you set up in Mobile Services will not be shared with other solution. However you can send them as context data in the trackLocation call and build a report and segments on this, which then can be shared. For more information regarding the trackLocation call see
  3. We do not have any API available to use with geofencing. You will have to program any solution like that yourself.

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Answers (2)




We are also interested in using Geofence with push messages in Adobe mobile Services. Could you please suggest if it's available or how it can be achieved?





Hi, I have some questions related to this issue:

1. I understand the utility of in-app messaging with geofencing which is triggering messages when the user enters/exits the radius of the POI. But, what I am not being able to get is the utility of push with geo-fence.

2. With an analytics premium account and adobe mobile services, I can utilize geo-fencing with in-app messaging. Can geo-fencing be done with push as well ?